Monday, March 22, 2010

weekend recap

weekend 032010
Last night, Cute Husband found the tv remote control that we'd been searching for in the dryer. As in the laundry dryer. Turns out that it wasn't just the buttons on our duvet cover that created all of that racket while our sheets dried - imagine that! This weekend sort of went like that for us - a series of little errors, created with a good hearts and good intentions, with a lot of laughter in response. Oysters at Blue Light Grill with my niece (no, I didn't try them, but my tuna was absolutely delicious), some shopping at Pillow Mint (she's closing this coming Saturday - everything is 40% off - run, don't walk, there right this minute!) and C & A Camp on Second Street in town, a drive out to the country that was a tad longer than we expected (turns out there are quite a few Wolf Trap Farms in this area and the one we wanted was in Scottsville...not Gordonsville), and a few beers with some nachos at Beer Run to make up for the long drive. A great service at Portico on Sunday morning wrapped the whole deliciously sunny and beautiful weekend up for us and this morning finds me a little sad to see it go. Nothing a little yoga and jewelry work can't fix though, I hope.


  1. I'd recognize those Beer Run nachos anywhere! Looks like a fantastic weekend in the 'ville.

  2. We wanted to try the Chocolate Guinness cake that I read about on your blog, but we were too full! I wasn't expecting quite so much goodness with that nacho order. So delicious!