Wednesday, April 21, 2010

mother's day at laurel denise

I sent this little email out yesterday to my business mailing list. I love designing these things, but always feel like something is missing from the piece once I send it out. Like I could have angled something a little different and put such-and-such in a slightly different location and then, only then, it would be perfect. Ah the constant struggle and mad dash toward perfection...what a treat we give ourselves each and every day. Right. At least I didn't send it out with last month's image right below this month's image, right? Remember that? In my book that automatically gives me a win here!

So - point of pretty email - I hope you'll consider a laurel denise good or two when you're shopping for you mom, wife, sister or general fabulous caretaker of the year in your life. I have all sorts of mama love faves: friend tag, mother tag, mommy glass, xoxo glass, heart cuff.

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  1. gosh. i love all of these. stop being so talented.