Tuesday, April 20, 2010

tick tock

tick tock
You know how when you have to wake up at a weird hour, you spend all night checking the clock? Thinking that it's definitely the time to wake up and your stupid phone that must serve as an alarm clock didn't go off and you're pretty screwed and oh no you'll never be invited to have a table at the farmer's market ever again because you overslept...only to see that it's just an hour past the time you last checked and so not time to wake up yet? These are things that I did on repeat on Friday night before my 5am farmer's market wake up call. I'm thinking that having a cuter and better and more perfectly modern-meets-vintage design-y alarm clock will help rest my restless "15 minutes early is almost late" spirits. I mean, obviously that will help. Right?

top: led wooden alarm clock | middle: turquoise alarm clock | bottom: cube alarm clock

side note: Everyone reading this that knows me knows that I could never ever use the middle clock because it probably ticks and tocks all night and I would hear it and it would keep me up. I've been known to hide people's wall clocks in hidden rooms under towels and such when I'm sleeping over. As in, find something to stand on, get that clock down from the wall at all costs and tuck it away. Oh, and the kicker of my awesome-ness is that I then forget to put it back up in the morning to hide my neurosis. Because if it's not written down someplace for me to remember, I'll probably forget. Really and truly, these are things I do. I'm an awesome house guest, have me over.


  1. ohhh lol! you just cracked me up at my desk! you are too cute :) everyone has their little quirks and you so candidly write about yours and that makes me smile! i love that you are fearfully and wonderfully made! xoxo, becky