Monday, April 19, 2010

weekend no. 041710


This weekend was filled mostly with tissues and Sudafed and Thermaflu and my guaranteed to make you feel much better phases one and phases two (brown sugar, cinnamon and buttered toast surrounded by fresh oranges, followed about three hours later with some frozen oranges) - remedies passed down from my momma - because my poor Cute Husband was feeling quite under the weather. Being sick is the worst - being sick on a most beautiful weekend when your wife makes you wake up at 5:20am because she has to set up her Farmer's Market table and she's too scared to walk there alone when it's still dark outside is the super worst. I win no wife trophies this weekend, I'm afraid. Well, except for the remedies one and two...those might have brought me back into the running. I hope.

The Farmer's Market was absolutely the best. I met the nicest and sweetest and kindest shoppers on this earth, I do believe. And the vendors near me lived up to the same descriptions. A beautiful morning filled with beautiful people. Thank you for loving my jewelry and thank you for stopping by. I can't wait to see you again at future markets!

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