Friday, May 7, 2010

what to wear: birthday weekend no. 050710

So, okay, I wear a lot of blue and grey with some sort of skinny pant. In fact, maybe I should rename this Friday post "how to wear blue and grey and maybe a little white" or something? Oh, and my accent color of choice is definitely a mustard yellow. You know, in case ya hadn't noticed. But it's my biiiiirthday weekend and I can wear neutral and happy and calming colors if I want to. That's how the song goes, right? I plan on making this sangria recipe (you're the best, Marcy) and eating lots of small fancy foods - including, but most definitely not limited to, a baked goat cheese with fig dish. That's right. That's what I said. Let's be real, that dish will only be included if I can figure out exactly how to make it. I'm still not sure.

electric blue flowy tank | white camisole | slate cardigan | skinny jeans | yellow heels | laurel denise faith necklace


  1. Oh, happy birthday! It was my b-day weekend too! :) May b-days are the best.

  2. and thank you, karin! birthday weekends absolutely are the best :)