Tuesday, December 21, 2010

more calendar news

I know, I know, all I do is write about the 2011 Calendar on this blog. But, the calendar is from Charlottesville and it certainly has been a labor of love so, technically, it fits the "from cville with love"-ness, don't you agree? All orders - that's right, every single one of them - have been packaged and shipped and the last bunches were hand delivered to ups yesterday afternoon (followed quickly by me jumping up and down in happiness...alone in a crowded parking lot) - the first few of you should be getting your copies today! I'm really in love with the changes we've made and I can't wait to hear what you all think! Thank you so much again for your patience in receiving the orders some of you placed weeks ago. It's been a roller coaster of an adventure getting these produced and putting each and every single piece together individually. To my sweet friends (Brett, Nathaniel, Marcy, Tiffany, Luan) who helped Cute Husband and me out, I can't thank you enough! You seriously saved my life and kept my hair from turning gray. Or falling out. Or both, one followed quickly by the other.


  1. Congratulations, sweet friend! I love, love, and love it and am so thankful for your hard work and creativity!

  2. i am obsessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are amazing lol. as liam would say, "i'm so proud of you lolly." xo

  3. I love your calendar too! Did you take a class with Tate? Or many classes? :)
    Brett gave my Mom one, and then I told Brett she had to hook me up. I mean seriously, what are sisters for if not for a well-designed calendar hookup? (that sounds strange somehow).

  4. Thanks, Trinity!! Brett and Nathaniel both were vital to the production of these babies - I'm positive she can hook you up with a calendar :)

    I didn't take any classes with Tate...I don't think?? I have a very selective memory and mostly it selects to just not remember. Worst. Memory. Ever.

  5. waha! I thought I won the worst memory award!
    So I am having a New Year's Vision Day where myself and some peeps are picking a defining WORD for 2011. I am going to direct them to your site for some jewels that say our words. I think mine is HARVEST. Must get necklace with HARVEST on it. I will be contacting you on that one! (I thought the WORD was fruitful but wearing a necklace that says fruitful seems weird don't it?)

  6. LOVE that and LOVE that you have a new year's vision day with friends and also LOVED your blog post about this 2011 word!

    Maybe fruitful in another language...or something? But that might defeat the purpose. Not sure?

  7. Where can you buy them? I had one last year and Love, Love, Love it but can't find it anywhere!!

  8. Hi Yvette! Thanks for writing! The only store carrying the 2011 version is in Charlottesville, VA (Rock, Paper, Scissors), but I'm also selling them online here:

    And in my Etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/64656782/2011-laurel-denise-planner